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Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC is comprised of a dedicated, passionate, experienced legal team who fights on behalf of individuals and organizations on a wide range of legal matters.

Our firm devotes a substantial part of its practice to class action litigation, representing investors, consumers and employees in both state and federal court in Tennessee and across the country. These class action cases usually involve violations of federal securities law, the Employment Retirement Income and Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), federal antitrust law, state consumer and antitrust law, employment discrimination and derivative litigation.

Our ERISA practice focuses on representing workers who have lost a significant portion of their retirement savings (like a 401(k) account) because their employers placed more emphasis on their own personal needs than honoring commitments to their employees.

Our firm is also active in corporate governance shareholder derivative litigation, enforcing corporate shareholder rights through the company’s shareholders.

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The Firm is saddened to announce the passing of our founding partner and great friend, George Barrett. George was a lion of the bar and a champion of the underdog. We will miss him greatly, but we will preserve and honor his legacy by continuing to fight for our clients and pursue justice on their behalf